Pre-nitrous Power and Torque Curves
TRAX 2002
Wellingborough Parade of Power 2007

Spec ICE
  • Head unit: Pioneer DEH-2100UB
  • Amp: Alpine MRP-F242
  • Front speakers: 4 inch Pioneer TS-H131 100W max.
  • Rear speakers: 6x9s Pioneer TS-A6980 4-way, 200W max.
  • Alarm: Cobra ART 5904
  • Immobiliser: Toad Laserkey Category 2 (Issue 2) Multi-point Immobiliser
  • Power: 167bhp
  • 0-60: 6.0s


GTi-6 engine

The Peugeot 205 GTi was the best hot hatch of the 1980s (before cars became too heavy) and arguably the best performance car of the decade. Whilst fast, I wanted the sort of power that allows wheel spin in any gear and instant sideways action in the lower gears on demand. Turbo Technics or nitrous were the way to go, so I opted for both.

What about handling? My misspent youth was spent mostly in an XR3i with furry dice (I'm in the sleeveless shirt). Easy. Understeer; crap but safe. Now I have the superbly handling 205 GTi. So, what gives? Nothing - it handles like a dream. But eventually, it must do, which way does it go? I found out, just once. It's so well balanced that when you finally lose it, it goes absolutely fucking everywhere! Somehow, but I don't know how, I didn't hit anything. I had to get out and walk around the car, inspecting it, as a woman walked past (as if, somehow, it was the car's fault, not mine). I was disqualified at the time, too.

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