Turbo Technics Conversion

In 1989, for a cost of around 2,500, a 115bhp 1.6 GTI could become a 160bhp machine and the 130bhp 1.9 would increase its output to 175bhp with the addition of the Turbo Technics/Garrett T25 turbocharger. Torque figures were even more impressive: 162lb.ft at 3,000rpm and 182lb.ft at 3,000, respectively.

Quoted performance for the 'TT 1.9' was 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds (usually 7.8 seconds), with a top speed of 132mph. 0-100mph could be achieved in just 18 seconds and 50-70mph in a stunningly quick 5 seconds. Another feature on the 1.9 version was a two-stage boost. A small switch on the dashboard could be operated to provide either medium or high boost (0.65bar).

Many other engine components were uprated, including a larger oil cooler, a front-mounted intercooler and an additional injector mounted in the throttle body. The 1.9 version featured an uprated clutch and a larger exhaust system.

Turbo Technics manufacture performance conversions for two cars at present, the Lotus Elise and Rover MGF. No other turbocharger or supercharger conversions are available for any other vehicle. Nor is the supercharger available as a sell through at the present time.